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Does your business survive on paper and printed records? Do you sometimes have trouble finding your files? Are you concerned about the environment?

Our document scanning services range from large scale, ultra sensitive conversion services to smaller documents scanning jobs. ProjectCenter can provide quick turnarounds and high quality scans. Ultimately, our scanning services can result in higher productivity, performance and profits. Scanning tangible documents reduces total document management expenses and saves space in your office.

As a trusted resource for document scanning services, ProjectCenter is a local Arizona document services shop that can help!

Mounds Of Paper?

Most all businesses rely on that lovely medium called paper. So much of what we do involves, even in the computer-laden world. Some industries require a business to keep up seven years of records. When does the amount of paper get to be too much, to where it affects the way we do business? Businesses sometimes have to move to different locations just so they have the space they need. The commercial real estate agent likes it, but it costs a company quite a bit of money and time to move an entire organization.

Document Scanning = Disaster Proof

Are you worried about losing your documents in a disaster? What is the potential cost to your business if you lost all your documents and records in a disaster like a fire or storm?

A disaster may never happen, but if it does, it can literally close the doors of a business. Why risk it? Scanning your documents allows you to make backup copies of your documents quickly and easily.

There are a few security concerns that come with scanning documents. Privacy is important when scanning sensitive, private documents. With privacy laws being implemented, the government and health industry are making great projections to have medical records transferred to electronic format by 2010.

Need For Efficiency

Some industries, especially the legal industry, have gotten ahead of the electronic document scanning game because they knew they could not survive thumbing through file after file. Legal businesses have been using software like Concordance and Summation, and index each page with Bates stamping (for online searchability) to increase the speed of retrieving documents. Compare that to a business that has a bunch of files in a warehouse. How fast are they retrieving their files? Efficiency is so important, that the government has been involved helping the health industry get the main 14 EMR software companies to be interoperable.

Going "Green" by Scanning Documents

You've likely seen the taglines in emails stating: "Please consider the environment when printing this email." Going 'green' has been a huge topic. For those concerned about the trees being cut down to make paper, scanning records into electronic format should be on the top of their list.

A Trusted Document Scanning Service, Right in Phoenix Arizona

Simply contact us, and we will come to you scan your documents. If you're located in Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding area, we will pick up the documents that you want imaged, scan them per your specifications, and deliver both the originals and electronic copies. We also provide comprehensive support for the conversion of records including preparation, scanning, indexing and formatting.

Document Scanning Options

Digital document imaging involves a complex combination of skills like manual dexterity and meticulous attention to detail. We also do large format scanning.

How is scanning priced?

There are 5 different levels of scanning, which are all dependent on how much work is involved to complete the job. See explanations here.

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