Logo Design and Logo Creation

Our designers here in Phoenix, Arizona, can create business logos and custom logos that will speak to your target audience. Whether you'd like to update your existing logo or create a new one, we can design a logo that fits your brand.

All our logos are custom-made per your specifications and goals.

Our Custom Logo Design Process

The average time, from our first discussion to your completed, approved logo, is usually a week for a single design. Our initial discovery session will help us understand your business, your personal needs, where this logo might be incorporated, and what goals the logo must accomplish. We will then provide a softcopy selection of around 10 different logos for your review. Pick one you like, or mix and match different attributes to combine into a revised, custom logo.

If you do not approve of any of our initial rough drafts, we will provide an additional batch of logos until you find one that works for your business. Once complete, we will transfer the approved artwork from our Phoenix office by delivering softcopy files to you via email and/or FTP.

Logos From Our Design Portfolio

Sundell logoClient: Sundell & Associates
Industry: Construction
Location: Cave Creek, Az

Get a Grip on Pain logoClient: Get A Grip On Pain
Industry: Fitness
Location: Phoenix, Az

Wind River Laboratories logoClient: Wind River Laboratories
Industry: Technology
Location: Phoenix, Az

JKW, Inc logoClient: JKW, Inc
Industry: Real Estate
Location: Melbourne, Australia

AmeriWest Insurance logoClient: Ameriwest Group, Inc.
Industry: Insurance
Location: Scottsdale, Az

Telesense logoClient: Tele Sense
Industry: Employment Agency
Location: Phoenix, Az

Baby Dates logoClient: Baby Dates
Industry: Infant
Location: Phoenix, Az

Twisted Metal Scrapyard logoClient: Twisted Metal Scrapyard
Industry: Recycling
Location: Phoenix, Az

MaxVista logoClient: Max Vista
Industry: Computers and I.T.
Location: Phoenix, Az

Courtesy Station logoClient: Courtesy Station
Industry: Signage Company
Location: Phoenix, Az

Do you already have a logo?

We can recreate, rework, and redesign existing logos. In our Phoenix office, we update or redesign existing logos as often as we create new ones. If you're unhappy with your current logo design or just need a logo tune-up, we're here to help! Simply show us a copy of your existing logo; then, tell us what direction you'd like to see it go in, or what specific goals you feel the current logo has not met. We'll take your existing design and create a new logo that better fits your specifications.

Things to think about before calling and getting a custom logo designed

Before the logo designers begin their work, it helps the process if everyone comes organized and prepared. Please think about these following design questions...

Whether your business is located in the Phoenix valley or outside Arizona, ProjectCenter will provide the personalized attention needed to create a logo design that works for you. Contact us today so we can all begin working toward a unique and memorable logo for your business.

Request a quote online Let us know how we can help you. Let us know how we can help you. Use our online form to have a quote emailed to you, request a callback or simply contact us.

Tip: When you receive a logo(s), open the logos on your desktop. Then leave the room and come back in standing about 4-6 feet from your monitor. Ask yourself, "Which logos are the most legible and attractive?"

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